Neighborhood Outreach & Support Program

Our Neighborhood Outreach & Support Program is a community-based breast cancer education program providing outreach services to increase awareness, knowledge, screening, and early detection behaviors in our medically under-served community in the counties of Camden, Burlington and Gloucester, New Jersey in an effort to reduce the incidences and number of deaths from breast cancer.

The program conducts free breast cancer education workshops at community centers, senior citizen residences, places of worship and work sites in the most distressed areas of the counties we serve in order to educate women about early detection and give them the resources that they need to make better decisions about their health. Our outreach facilitators include breast cancer survivors who speak about their experiences and testify that a diagnosis of breast cancer is not a death sentence. Since this target population is limited by social factors that often delay their visits to health care providers, the Neighborhood Outreach and Support Program travels to them.  

The women in our community are faced with many barriers that have kept them from accessing the necessary medical services that they are entitled to.  These include lack of health insurance, transportation and language barriers.  Fear also keeps many women from getting the necessary breast cancer screening they need.  It is also what’s causing many minority women to be diagnosed with late stage breast cancer.  We encourage women to get screened annually.  Women at average risk should start getting their mammograms at the age of 40. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommends that women at high risk get a mammogram and breast MRI every year starting at age 25 to 40, depending on the type of gene mutation and/or youngest age of breast cancer in the family.

C.A.R.E. Project

The C.A.R.E (Committed Approach to Reaching Everyone) Project of Clark Family Breast Cancer Services is an incentive program to reach more women in an effort to increase the number of screenings in our community. This is done by way of encouraging someone you love to get a mammogram.  If that person gets screened and returns their completed screening form to us, they will receive a $10.00 Shoprite or Walmart gift card and the person who encouraged them also gets a gift card as a thank you for reaching someone we would otherwise not have reached. 

Referral Services

Clark Family Breast Cancer Services has partnered with local NJ CEED (NJ Cancer Education and Early Detection) facilities such as MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper and the NJ CEED Program at Virtua to refer eligible (uninsured and under-insured) women for free breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings.

In the event of a cancer diagnosis, these screening facilities have the capacity to address treatment and ensure that there will not be a gap in service for any woman that is diagnosed.