Neighborhood Outreach & Support Program

Funded by the Susan G. Komen Foundation-Central & South Jersey Affiliate

Our Neighborhood Outreach & Support Program is a community-based breast cancer education program providing outreach services to increase awareness, knowledge, screening, and early detection behaviors in our medically under-served community in Camden County in an effort to reduce the incidences and number of deaths from breast cancer.

The program conducts free breast cancer education workshops in churches, community centers and work sites to educate women about early detection and give them the resources that they need to make better decisions about their health. Our outreach facilitators include breast cancer survivors who speak about their experiences and testify that a diagnosis of breast cancer is not a death sentence. We also travel to locations throughout Camden County to participate in health fair events in an effort to reach our low-income, medically under-served population.  We assist women who are uninsured or underinsured to get free mammograms.

The women in our community are faced with many barriers that have kept them from accessing the necessary medical services that they are entitled to.  These include lack of health insurance, transportation,  and language barriers.  Fear is also keeping many women from getting the necessary breast cancer screening they need.  It is also what’s causing many minority women to be diagnosed with late stage breast cancer.  We encourage women to get screened annually.  Women are natural caretakers and nurturers, but we always leave ourselves for last; carrying around our referrals for months at a time, or just not remembering that it is time for our annual mammogram.   As an incentive for getting screened,  each woman receives a $10.00 Shoprite gift card.  Start today to develop good breast health habits, so that you will be around for your loved ones for years and years to come.