Wake Up

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profileLet me introduce myself, I am Cheo Walker and I volunteer with the Clark Family Breast Cancer Services.   I am writing this article in hopes that it may save at least one person life, or the pain that they may feel for a needless loss of a love one.  As a volunteer I have met women and men who survived through many different types cancer, and I have met women and men who lost someone dear to them from many different types of cancer too.  The one thing that they all good agree on is early detection and treatment is better.

Now am going to tell you about a woman I met recently, while I was volunteering.  This woman comes to the table where we provide information to women and men about breast cancer.  In her hand was a lit cigarette that was halfway smoked, I couldn’t help myself and shook my head feeling sorry for her.  She then ask us how can she get a mammogram because she feels a lump on her breast.  We inform her if she is insured that she can get a referral script from her doctor and where she may go for the test. She thanks us and said that 2 people in her family were breast cancer survivors and that she is worried.  When we asked if she every had a mammogram before, she replied yes and that they found something but she never went back and tried to run away from it.  Now her breast feel like they are burning and the hurt, now is when she wants to get them looked at.  I am now wondering if now is too late?

I don’t know what going to happen to this woman, but I do not she is not alone in trying to run away from her health problems.  There are so many women and men that think, if I pretend that I don’t have a problem then I won’t have a problem.  The reality is that the graves are full of people who feel that way and always have room for more.  So I like to beg you to wake up and get a check up!!  The facts are that you can never run from a way from a health problem, you can only make it worse.  If you don’t want to do it for yourself, then do it for those who you love and love you.

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Cheo Z Walker

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